This is our cool 3D printed moon lamp. Yes, it really looks like that. It is made by 3D printer out of white plastic. The moon lamp was inspired by a Thingiverse project by moononournation. We thought – this is too cool, it should be accessible to everyone, not only 3D printing community. So we stepped in. We created our own version of the lamp, selected a proper stand and light source and voilà! Now you can have it in your home without the hassle of modeling, editing, printing and buying other necessary stuff. We did that for you, and it turned out great! We are very happy with our final result.

  • Here you can see how the lamp looks when it is on and off :

How it’s made

It all starts back in 2009, when NASA launches Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter  (LRO for short) spacecraft. One of it’s missions was to map the surface of the moon in high detail. Data collected by LRO has been described as essential for planning NASA’s future missions to the Moon. After couple of months LRO, which by the way still orbits the moon, sends back to Earth high resolution images and height maps of the moon. Luckily NASA made a large portion of them public. This was the easy part for us. After we downloaded the data from NASA we created 3D model of the moon using the height maps and light maps. It is like hollow sphere with inner and outer relief. The outer relief corresponds to the moon surface and the inner relief – to the way we see the moon shone by the sun. In other words this lamp is pretty close approximation of the moon in therms of geometry and light emission.

3D Printing

The next step is to bring the model into the physical world. We are using our custom made delta printers, loaded with white PLA filament. There are couple of serious challenges in order to get the desired results. We wanted to have good print quality, to use as little filament as possible in order to reduce weight and cost and to be able to print one lamp for less than 24 hours. After many unsatisfactory and failed prints we finally managed to:

  • print the lamp in one peace
  • find the balance between quality and speed
  • get it printed for about 12 hours
  • print without support structures
  • get is looking as realistic as possible

Here you can see one of our printers in action :

Technical Details

Here are the technical details of the printed lamp:

  • dimensions – 150x150x150 mm
  • weight – 150 g
  • printing time – 12 hours
  • layer height – 0.2 mm
  • infill – 100 %
  • outer shells – 2
  • supports – no
  • stand IKEA SKAFTF
  • power – 110 – 230 v AC
  • light source – 2W e14 LED light bulb

If you want to purchase one of our lamps you can check out our shop section :

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