Introducing Firefly™

The world's first modular sensory surface

Turn anything into reactive surface

Furniture, art installations, interior design, movie sets ...

Modular by design

Add as many modules as you wish, make any shape

Ultra thin

Only 3.6 mm thick, easily embed into everithing


  • Modular design, custom communication protocol, any shape, any size
  • ToF infrared laser sensors with 500 mm range
  • 8 RGB high output Kingbright leds
  • 32 bit low power MCU
  • Thin footprint only 3.6 mm thickness
  • Easy to embed into everything
  • Easy connections – cheap screw system, serviceable
  • Energy efficient –  onboard buck converter input from 7 to 17 v DC
  • Control via WiFi on PC or smartphone

Firefly in action

Watch the test of our prototype array

Modes of operation

On the software side Firefly has robust control system. Every array can be controlled via WiFi and PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android app. There are several modes of operation – auto mode (preset mode) and manual mode. In auto mode there are more than 40 presets available.  The user can select between presets, edit and save them and also to create a favorites list. Manual mode gives the user full control and allows to create custom preset by controling the following parameters:

  • sensors sensitivity
  • sensors trigger point
  • start color ( when no object is detected)
  • end color (when object is at closest range)
  • light rising speed
  • light falling speed
  • blinking mode
  • blinking frequency
  • random colors
  • low pass input filter
  • anti logarithmic function

Project status

At this point the project is finished, a prototype is created and tested and it works very well.

However, the project is still not ready for mass production, due to high manufacturing costs. We are working on that.

If you are interested in this product, please contact us.