Your personal virtual experience

The world has changed. So many things we used to do in the past are considered unsafe now. Many businesses struggle to adapt to this new reality. We have a solution for you. We will create a custom-built virtual experience for you – product presentation, virtual classroom, online store or whole virtual event. You can invite thousands of people without any health risks. No flights, hotels, staff and any physical interactions are required. We will create any 3D environment for your needs. You have the power to decide what should happen next.

Delivering flexible solutions for your business needs

Our workflow is not platform or pattern based. We offer individual approach to fit your particular needs. Everything we create for you will be 100% unique. The whole environment and requested features will be created from scratch according to your requirements, resulting in next level interactive virtual experience accessible to everyone with Internet connection and modern computer or smartphone.

Rich feature set

We have over 7 years of experience in creating games, software and visual content. Our portfolio consist of more than 120 projects for major brands. We have the knowledge and the skills to create your vision completely in-house.

3D engine with state of the art graphics, effects and spatial sound
Custom built environment
Visual content
Secure login system
Statistical module
Multi-platform deployment

Supported platforms

Creative freedom never seen before

Your virtual experience may or may not obey the laws of physics.  There are no conventional limits – you have all the freedom in terms of location, interior, lightning and environment. Here are some examples where can you take your guests.

Industry leading software

In order to deliver your perfect virtual experience we are using professional industry leading software solutions from different industries – Gaming, 3D / CAD, Video Production, Animation and Music Creation.

Created with:

Meeting modern security standards

We take security and privacy very seriously and we a taking all the measures in order to prevent potential risks. We have implemented the following security features:

Encrypted connections
Hashed passwords
E-mail verification mechanism
Obfuscated binary
Session control

Own network infrastructure

We will host your virtual experience on our own servers. This way we retain full control over the entire system and if something goes wrong we can easily intervene promptly.  We plan every single virtual experience in advance and all server resources are carefully calculated and (over)sized properly.

The power of information

Our statistical module collects and stores virtual telemetry data and generates statistical reports so you can analyze the behavior of your guests – who’s attending, what do they like the most and where are they spending most time. We also can generate heat map where you can see what repels your guests  and where are the points of interest. By request we can also provide a list of guests interested in particular product or service.

Virtual Event – Demo

Thanks to our multi-platform capabilities it is surprisingly easy to see our product in action. We have created a short demo, which demonstrates our virtual experience. It resembles an event held in a virtual hall with 9 stands from different exhibitors. You can walk around, look in any direction and get info about the products and services you are interested in. After short registration you will be able to enter the event.

Note that this demo requires web browser supporting WebGL such as Google Chrome or any Chromium based browser, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox.


Previous projects

After more than 7 years in the industry we have more than 150 completed projects and many happy customers. We have proved we can deal with any challenge and always meet our customer’s expectations. Here you can see some of our work over the years.

Application in many industries

Many industries can benefit from our services. In the current situation it is better to stay on the safe side and not to take any health risks. The list all possible applications is endless and limited only by your imagination.  Here are some  sectors of the economy that are naturally compatible with our solution:

Interior design

Your virtual experience is one click away

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